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Idol incident

Idol incident

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Idol incident

Broadcast information

Does anything shine Episode 12; idol member of the Diet?

Sunday, March 26, 2017 broadcast

There is not hesitation anymore……We were determined to throw all away, and grand live stage by heroine party was held.
Other parties to hear story began to move for support, too, and thought of idol members of the Diet was going to become one.
But for situation that interference from rogaito becomes fierce, and the live continuation is anxious even about.
The last decisive battle with Sakuraba to meet at last...

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The stage resembled modern Japan well,
It is like parallel world [Japan]
Opening income gap, environmental pollution to remember, and to stop by, the issue of garbage without something to be done, waiting-list child whom discussion of person concerned absence follows, many repeated corruption…The government which was covered with vested interest that could touch measures nothing for problem and dissatisfaction to overflow. "Idol" stood up at last in Japan of such deadlocked situation!
As for the idol who became Diet member as representative of each metropolis and districts from heroine party, inscription next party, star rye party, beautiful girl party, young leave party, subCAL new party, SOS party, seven idol political parties, the front exceeds a feeling of confinement to cover Japan by song and dance!
We regain smile of the nation and wrap up Japan in aura of brightness! !

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: MAGES. "Idol incident"
Character original bill: Is over with CUTEG, Tiv, mottsun *, medium, and see, kuuchuyosai, Mamu Mitsumomo, Yukihiro Matsuo
Director: Daisuke Yoshida
Manager character design / total drawing: Mai Ishii
Animation main character original bill: Tiv
Series constitution: Naoya Takayama
Each story script: Sumino Kawashima, Sotaro Hayashi
Art director: Tomoyuki Shimizu
Color scheme: Yoshinori Horikawa
CGI director: saitoutsukasa
Director of photography :Shinya Matsui
Editing: Yumi Jinguji
Sound director: enomototakahiro
Music: Akiyuki Tateyama
Theme song sound produce: tsunku♂
Choreography: MaiMai
Animation production: MAPPA/VOLN

[the cast]
Natsuki Hoshina / Hoshina Natsuki (Niigata): Sarara Yashima
Shizuka Onimaru / Onimaru Shizuka (Fukuoka): Mai Fuchigami
Kondo Sachie / Kondo Sachie (Toyama): Reina Ueda
Mizuki Fudo / fudomizuki (Tokyo): Lynn
Sakurako Iizuka / Sakurako Iiduka (Nara): Yurika Kubo
Ume Momoi / Momoi plum (Kanagawa): Sayaka Nakaya
Amo kuruha / amoukuruha (Tokushima): Yuri Yoshida
Mika Kozuru / co-sly trick Micah (Kagoshima): Chinatsu Akasaki (as for the character of ※ saki top right corner "ritsu")
Yamiringosama / underworld apple (Aomori): Nozomi Yamamoto
Kamishiro / Kamishiro: Yuki Fujiwara
Sakuraba / Sakuraba: Koji Ishii

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