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Broadcast information

Episode 17 making the dream

Saturday, May 19, 2018 broadcast

Land getting important advice as idol through world-famous musician, sudden interchange with Douglas route bank. And stage "black or white" of -- decisive battle opens curtain at night of the last day of the year!

We see more


Eggs of idol carrying the future gathered in "small bird play office."
As for seven people whom they just met each other, both character and individuality are inconsistent.
However, we had different charm toward each and hid unknown possibility as idol.
The name of them who formed group, and stepped forward to the first step together "IDOLiSH7."
Figure which sings on brilliant stage, and dances attracts heart of people before long.
In the world of idol who is gorgeous, but is sometimes stern
- - that they aim at the top while having dream!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: BANDAI NAMCO online, toshikembunta
Director: Masato Bessho
Supervisor: Ei Aoki
Series constitution: Sekine Ayumi
Character original bill: Yuna Tanemura
Animation character design: Kasumi Fukagawa
Total drawing director: Masami Inomata, sugar Michio
Art director: Maho Takahashi
Color scheme: Mariko Shinohara
2D design: 髙kyoseita (FUETE)
Director of photography: Ryosuke Tsuda
CG director: Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution. Miki
3D work: Mitsutaka Iguchi
Editing: Shota Migiyama
Sound director: Hamano advanced age
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Music production: Lantis
Animation production: TROYCA
Production: Eye Nana production Committee

[the cast]
Iori Izumi: Toshiki Masuda
Yamato Nikaido: Yusuke Shirai
Izumi March: Yonaga Tsubasa
Four leaves ring: KENN
So Osaka five: Atsushi Abe
rokuya nagi: Takuya Eguchi
The Nanase land: Kensho Ono

Yaotome comfort: Wataru Hatano
The Article 9 sky: Soma Sato
juryukorekai: Takuya Sato

♪The small bird play office person concerned
Small bird play sound fine weather: Chiba progress
Banri Ogami: Kazuyuki Okitsu
shochoyubo: Satomi Sato

♪The Yaotome office person concerned
Yaotome sect assistant: Katsuyuki Konishi
Older sister heron Kaoru: Yoshihisa Kawahara

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