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Junji Ito "collection"

Broadcast information

Episode 12 "*dan" "rumor"

Sunday, March 25, 2018 broadcast

Work NO.116
Tail Thursday which returned home from South America showed cedar man of friend pot which we took home with us at the risk of life.
The pot was kept at village where we wandered in the jungle, and tail Thursday arrived at by souvenir, and honey entered among them.
We share the honey gathered at the risk of life to cedar man while saying, "drink so that it is not noticed"...

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First work of horror comic artist Junji Ito on behalf of Japan; make into TV anime.
"Tomie" which never dies even if we kill, and entraps men in fear with the good looks,
"soichi" that "we let you have an experience that it is horror," but love to curse person by favorite phrase
Including characters representing work of Junji Ito who said this,
Omnibus animation of each story conclusion that unique main character appears every episode!

The staff cast

◆The main people concerned

The original: Junji Ito
"Collection of Junji Ito masterpieces" "piece of devil" (Asahi Shimbun publication)
Director, character design: We remember Tagashira
Script: Kaoru Sawada
Music: Say forest; come
Sound director: Hozumi Goda
Animation production: Studio Dean

◆The cast

soichiyaku CV Yuji Mitsuya
Part of Oshikiri CV Hiro Shimono
Part of Yuko CV Kaori Naduka
Part of good-looking boy CV Hikaru Midorikawa of crossroads
Part of deep water CV Mami Koyama
Part of Tomie CV Rie Suegara


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