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We become Episode 17 Rita, the queen!

Sunday, April 2, 2017 broadcast

Education theme: We do not give person an order to start

One day the queen writes "we list that we do it" to King and leaves absence of castle. However, as for King who wants to force work on somebody, "I propose to play the queen" in Rita. Rita is delighted by being able to become the queen. We invite everybody to castle, but everybody gets tired of Rita ordering this and that and...

We see more


We have the world in music
Star jumbo star making "Jerry" playing music.
Five children living there
Only as for being pleasant every day that we was full of vero gumo Mina Rita ongo and King and queen, music of dodoes. We learn that they cooperate in everyday various adventure together and live.
What kind of discovery is there today?
Well, let's go for pleasant odyssey together!

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