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Experiment product family - kurichazu family D -

Experiment product family - kurichazu family D -

Monday from 19:30 to 20:00

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Experiment product family - kurichazu family D -

Broadcast information

Episode 11 experiment product family

Monday, June 25, 2018 broadcast

Tani's who spent single night not to be able to sleep notices that family disappears all too soon in the lower floor. It was many memories with family that he left house to drag prostrate body, and to look for family, and floated in the journey mind.

Tani's who was not able to find family though we ran about by fatigue. Violet appears, and remind of him then, encouragement...

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Parents of Tani's were mad scientists without what was supported by society. They imprisoned own children at research institute of solitary island and pushed forward absolutely confidential experiment and have remodeled older brother one and three older sisters except Tani into specific human being.
One day five siblings will be moved to another island by welfare unit because parents have been caught by the police.
As for the problem, four older brothers and older sisters except main character never have common sense of modern people with them
It was thing called this……

The staff cast

The original: Yanai
Director: Wei Tianxing
Script: Cai Zhiheng
Character design: Li Xiangmei
Producer: Liang Zhongwen
Sound director: sekichikan
Plan: Wei Tianxing, Liang Zhongwen, Yang Yucheng, Fang Jiancheng, sekichikan, Wang Juan, Yan Mengya, Zhao Chong, Yang Jirui, Lin Xuande
Animation producer: Wei Tianxing, MASA
Animation production: It is Ltd Big Firebird Cultural Media Co

Tani's: Riho Sugiyama
Reed: Saori Hayami
Eye pickpocket: Forest nana child
suishi: Yoshiko Ikuta
Snow: Daisuke Namikawa
Father: Yohei Tadano
Mother: Sakiko Uran
Tutor: Yuko Sasamoto
Elementary school teacher: Rika Tachibana
Owner: Kazuma Horie
Violet: Yurika Kubo

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