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Just Because!

Just Because!

Thursday from 23:30 to 24:00

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Just Because!

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Episode 12 Get set,go!

Thursday, December 28, 2017 broadcast

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Winter of the third grade at a high school.
High school life that we stayed, and there became a little.
Anyone thought that we graduated somehow as it is.

Until he comes home suddenly.

Classmate who moved to far-off town once in the days of junior high school.
Reencounter with transfer student of out of season,
In their feeling that was going to be over "somehow,"
We let signal of small start sound.

The staff cast

◆The staff
Script: Kamoshida one
Character original bill: Ratio village curious stone
Director: Atsushi Kobayashi
Character design: Hiroyuki Yoshii
Music produce: Yanaginagi
Animation production: PINE JAM

◆The cast
Spring Eita: Aoi Ichikawa
Mio Natsume: Karin Isobe
Haruto Soma: Futoshi Murata
Hazuki Morikawa: Yuina Yoshino
Ena Komiya: Lynn

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