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Monster daughter - ultra monster personification plan ...

Broadcast information

Episode 12 we! Monster daughter!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 broadcast

Mysterious enemy, shadow to develop innumerably.
agira which shows senior monster daughters minus number kejito achievement, cormorant in dam, Miku RAS.
However, further powerful enemy shadow beast appears! Three people are made to be in a predicament.

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Was long, in conflict with the human with monster terminated, and peace came. In such times, we retain soul of monster, and girl "monster daughter" who can transform herself into figure of monster appear. agira assigned to special organization "GIRLS" which gathered such a monster daughters, and was formed as probation, Miku RAS, group of 3 of cormorant in dam. Which is it tomorrow of rough trio who works hard at training to excellent monster daughter if possible?……?

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Tsuburaya production
Production: Studio pu YUKAI
Setting, original bill: Norimitsu Kaiho
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Director: Reed name grows
Sound director: Junichi Inaba
OP/ED musical piece production: yuuyu /buzzG
Production: Monster daughter (ultra monster personification plan) production Committee
Character original bill: daikumanekokai (nitro plus) / Yuji Tani /CHOCO/ Jiro Tomioka / raw meat ATK (nitro plus) /
Canned cat precipitate (nitro plus) / *tendo /minoa (nitro plus)

[the cast]
agira: Riho Iida
Miku RAS: Aina Suzuki
Cormorant in dam: Yurika Endo
pigumon: Sora Tokui
zetton: Emiri Kato
Red King: Hiromi Igarashi
Elec-king: * Megumi
Gomorrah: Ayaka Suwa
zandoriasu: Yuasa Kaede

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