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kakuriyono accommodation meal

kakuriyono accommodation meal

Monday from 22:30 to 23:00

April 2, 2018 Start broadcast!

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kakuriyono accommodation meal

Broadcast information

We nursed legendary tribe of cave dwellers inhabiting ancient Japan with Episode 4 snow fairy.

Monday, April 23, 2018 broadcast

Brother of lily of the valley of legendary tribe of cave dwellers inhabiting ancient Japan, dawn and geisha of clerk who has ever lived together with Shiro.
When we saved the lily of the valley in yoto, and Aoi was sent back to Tenjin person, cool air of snow fairy has fallen down by heat this time.
In Aoi creating cooking, and nursing cool air.
However, break out until lily of the valley to want to go to this world there and quarrel with dawn to object to…….

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In late sofuyuzuri rinoayakashio female college student, Tsu ground Thursday Aoi that had power to see, it is kidnapped ayakashino suddenly to long-established store accommodation "Tenjin shop" of komoriyo letting you live. In puzzled Aoi, promise that must do wedding to wealthy supporter of a Buddhist temple of ogre person as enormous debts that grandfather left and kata knows what was exchanged. Aoi that does not understand throws the marriage aside and is what work as the measures of revival in Tenjin shop, and declare debt to return surutoayakashi…….

The staff cast

◆The staff
The original: tomomaheki
Fujimi L library "kakuriyono accommodation meal" series)
Original illustration: Laruha
Director: Yoshiko Okuda
Series constitution: Tomoko Konparu
Character design: Yoko Sato
Oh, we let you bake and design: Takuhito Kusanagi, Tadashi Otsuhata
Total drawing director: Hikari Suzuki
Prop design: Yoko Kuhara, seisui*taro
Color scheme: Ritsuko Utagawa
Art setting: Mika Nakajima
Special effects, 2D design: Mika Narukawa
Art director: Norihito Nakamura
CG director: Tsutomu Nagai
Director of photography: Naoki Kitamura
Editing: Akari Saito
Sound director: Volost sentence Hiroki
Music: Takuro Iga
Music production: Flying Dog
OP theme: Nao Higashiyama "light nomanimani"
ED theme: Manami Numakura "Aya - color -"
Animation production: GONZO
Production: "kakuriyono accommodation meal" production Committee

◆The cast
Tsu place Thursday Aoi: Nao Higashiyama
Wealthy supporter of a Buddhist temple: Katsuyuki Konishi
Ginji: Shunichi Toki
Dawn: Yuma Uchida
Cool air: Ai Kakuma
Nights with the midnight sun: Atsushi Tamaru
Kasuga: Mitsuki Nakae
Sasuke: Yuki Inoue
seina: Reina Ueda
The revolt-maru: Kaito Ishikawa
Leaf bird: Takuma Teashima
Tokihiko: Daisuke Hirakawa
Dwarf: Mai Ishimi greens incense
Tsu place Thursday Shiro: Kazuhiko Inoue

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