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Punishment - I who am sweet am pet for exclusive use of prison guard

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Sunday, June 24, 2018 broadcast

Sunday that Aki Myojin disappears as for decisive action Sunday - - that of jailbreak by all means once in two weeks. We visited the cause of mother during your sub-ha hospitalization. Your sub-.which is informed that possibility of recovery is low, and twists expression in anger without outlet On the other hand, Haruna put jailbreak into practice at last and totally went ahead through the long duct such as maze desperately. It showed light slightly forward before long, and exit was finally similar...

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Kneel to Aki Myojin.

Haruna who has been confined in prison on the charge of - - innocence in 20XX year at time by prison.
Therefore it was cold-blooded, sweet rule by prison guard, Aki Myojin of good looks to have been waiting….
From "black wing prison…Do not think that it is escaped from this me"
By physical checkup to in prison and meeting average with lover…Fate of Haruna made fun of as for both, heart and the body - -?

The staff cast

[The staff]
Writer name: We run Izumi
Director, storyboard, direction: noshitotanijuko
Series constitution / script: Kazuhiro Toda
Character design: nanashi
Sound production: Cloud22
Sound director: hirasawahisayoshi
Production: pikantesakasu
Animation production: Magic bus
Production: Comet company

[the cast]
Aki Myojin: Yoshiki Yamaya
Haruna Saotome: Marie Miyake
Yamato Higa: Nakajima Yoshiki
Yakumo Imperial virtue: Kodai Sakai
Takeshi Samejima: Haruki Ishiya
Ken Igarashi: Takafumi Maeuchi

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