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konohana *tan

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konohana *tan

Broadcast information

Miracle of the Episode 12 last day of the year

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 broadcast

The end of the year approaches, too, today is the last day of the year.
They smack their lips over handmade Toshikoshi soba of lotus, and citrons of Konohana bower go to give up for two years.
We are still just two of us with Bhikkuni one year ago if we reconsider…
Citron conveys such thanks to God.
Ringing bells on New Year's Eve have begun to sound before long; then citron….

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Hot-spring hotel "Konohana bower" (this give off and is) which fox tsu daughters to be able to use as God commit.
With citron of new face parlormaid that "konohana *tan" came to Konohana bower for service,
It is heartwarming story with friends surrounding citron.
Thought of parlormaids is one.
"Real identity is whom in anyone, but customer is God."
Of course as for you who are broken in front now….
You mention "hospitality" of citrons parlormaid, and please heal tiring heart.
Then, until broadcast, already please wait for a while.

The staff cast

◆The staff
The original: ten*sakikana
(monthly Byrds, illusion winter building comics)
Director: Hideki Okamoto
Series constitution: Takawo Yoshioka
Character design: Keiko Kurosawa
Music: So Kikuchi
OP theme song: "Coco Roni bud" eufonius
Animation production: Lerche
Production: konohana *tanseisakuiinkai

◆The cast
Citron: Yufuko Ono
May: Sawako Hata
Jujube: Ayaka Suwa
Lotus: Risa Kubota
*: Ai Kakuma
Paulownia: Manami Numakura
Proprietress: Megumi Ogata
800 Bhikkuni: Sayaka Oohara

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