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Kuruneko selection

Kuruneko selection

On Saturday irregular from 8:05 to 8:10

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Kuruneko selection

Broadcast information

Episode 30 white hospitalization

Saturday, October 28, 2017 broadcast

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The writer who cannot help picking up when we look at abandoned cat. Blog which we began for search for foster parent of cats which we picked up is growth in female office worker, rare popularity comics loved book from child to adult by making large break mainly on the class of housewives widely. In popular blog ranking illustration section, greatly separate lower than second place, and acquire the Bucchigiri first place; animation long-awaited still in record update from extreme popularity buburogu, “ cat "comics at the height of their popularity!

Because Satomi Kobayashi of actress is in charge of voice of all characters who Akitaro Daichi to be known to for "ojaru-maru" or "Gag Manga Biyori" acts as direction, and appear to this product, it is topic. Unique cats of child, Hu Bo that is full of Rina unrivaled older sister, Miwa nomonsan, child, po child of woman that lion at home, crow not to understand of air is crab boom, timid person, Tome good luck, curiosity that we are forgetful of to wrap with aura appear, and mellow daily life is described in the author, Kuruneko Yamato and pleasure of cats.

The staff cast

Original Kuruneko Yamato
Direction Akitaro Daichi

Casts Satomi Kobayashi (the first season) of voice
Miki Nakatani (the second season)

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