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Episode 12 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 broadcast

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There were light and fight of shadow once.
How does world aspect change as a result that both hated each other in light and the world consisting of shadows?
Fight continued without anyone imagining the world after war and terminated in victory of light before long.
However, "darkness" that did not exist was born till then at the same time.
We escape in darkness, and light cannot conflict with shadow dropping breath.
The world that King of light ruled was the world filled with vigor brightly.
However, it always became fate of King for fear of darkness to be frightened by shadow.

In small village where fog called foible at the northernmost part of rafandoru was deep, Lien and younger sister Treaster lived happily modestly. However, one day village is attacked suddenly and is burnt all exhaustively.
Two begin life in forest where we escaped into, but curse called "foju" spreading over rafandoru takes Treaster, and, as for Lien, body of important younger sister leans back in front, and fog such as black shadow is amazed in the face of tragedy to begin to blow from mouth.
Lien of one feeling who wants to help critically ill Treaster gets away from one forest and goes to trip to look for the method.
Employing mercenaries corps alone Diaz that Bligh who says that it is "King of light" of the next generation, and volunteers for the guards leads Lien.
Man neburaesu of red eyes to attack to sip blood of Lien to complete "eyes of darkness."
Close friend eye Sor who is going to separate Treaster from thought Lien.
King of shadow conspiring to take over country when influence of King of light weakens.
Mysterious girl shierushu where looks just like Treaster who also appears in front of Lien suddenly.
Light to surround rafandoru and Lien who knew the old history of shadow and own natal secret swing in each expectation and true interval.
Can Lien really save Treaster from foju; ...?

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New large-scale project "fantasy work - to spin by music X RP game view of the world - sound" that Warner Music Japan deals
"SHADOW OF LAFFANDOR rafandoru country story."
Music and rafandoru country story that started as entertainment fantasy work of new form that story fused that are published serially weekly story video on WEB at last for TV show!

The staff cast

The original: "rafandoru country story" Keiko Yanai
Story, script: Kazushige Nojima
Producer: Shintaro Shimazu
Director: Yukako Oki
A & R producer: Toshitaka Ikeda
A & R director: Kazumi Mera
Music, words, composition: Keiko Yanai
Sound producer: Naoyuki Konya
Character design: Rie Tachibana
Design: Junpei Hosoda / Minako Ando
Editing: Teruki Kobayashi

Lien: Natsuki Hanae
Treaster: Natsumi Hioka
Eye Sor: Yuichiro Umehara
shierushu: Ami Fukushima
neburaesu: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Brei: Daisuke Namikawa
Emma: ron
benetta: Mari Natsuki
Laura: Yoko Honda
Guy's: Ken Mizukoshi
Gen: Toshimitsu Oda
Teddy: Katsuyuki Miura

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