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Little Monsters

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We love joke divided by Episode 13! How about /? What should I do?

Sunday, May 14, 2017 broadcast

■We love joke to break!
Roger is ill-mannered at any place, and mom is completely at a loss. Daddy is ... in carrying out a certain idea there.

■What should I do? What should I do?
We are troubled that Winnie of pessimistic nature thinks too much and goes out. So that daddy can change mind of such Winnie; stamp...

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Town which there is when in certain district. Children who waver to yellow bus, and go to school. As for this story, all children called "Little Monsters" are animation of main character from the action that is insane although being small. 
"Glutton" "people easily elated by praise or flattery"…Nichijou which such immediate characters whom one had by all means in class move about even as for the trifle for uproar. Children learn and, from failure to experience in that, are brought up. Story that, however, characters full of such charm not to be able to hate play an active part to trouble adults is this animation "Little Monsters".

The staff cast

Original / general manager: Tony Garth
kan       *: Theresa plan bar Andrews
Leg       Book: Jimmy Hibbert
Character design :Ian Jackson

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