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Little princess

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"All the treasures are afraid of / I thunder that they want to find!" Episode 32

Thursday, March 16, 2017 broadcast

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In a certain Sunday and a certain castle where it was fine…
oshamade is innocent; small; hid, and there was state.
We hide, and chest of state is full of curiosity as it is not controlled!
In stubbornness like love when do not go as thought, both King and knight are in trouble; face….
However, adults smile if we see her smile and assiduity once.

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[The staff]
The author:
Tony Ross
Cuts of "Charlie and chocolate factory"

Iain Harvey
"The Snowman" "When the Wind Blows"

[casts of voice]
Ami Koshimizu
"Ashita no Nadja" "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" "School Rumble"

Eiji Yanagisawa
"Ergo Proxy" "Baki The Grappler" "NARUTO- gale biography -" "Hikaru no Go"

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