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Little witch academia

Little witch academia

Sunday from 24:00 to 24:30

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Little witch academia

Broadcast information

Trial of Episode 16 pohoyora

Sunday, April 23, 2017 broadcast

Akco where was tell to Ursula if we could kick if there was not which Akco grows up to record life on language of four remainder, and is intellect and others in the meaning by one's power. Shiny rod reacts when looking for clue of language at random. Is not worthy of Akco to acquire "maenabudishibudo" it by experience; when "a certain thing is important," Ursula says. so...

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Welcome! To the world of magic!

Akco which was fascinated by charm of magic at show of witch, shainiishario which we saw when we were young, and would enter classic witch upbringing prestigious school "luna NOVA magic school" of Europe.
Daily classes are unexpectedly boring contrary to big expectation. We break atmosphere of conservative magic world and are Akco to be enthusiastic about to regain dream in magic, but neighboring eyes are cold, and even class is continuation of skidding…. First ho to witch of Akco begins in here now!

The staff cast

The original: TRIGGER/ Yoshinari day
Director, character original bill: Yoshinari day
Series constitution: Mitsuru Shimada
Main character: Shuhei Handa
Art director: Masanobu Nomura
Color scheme: Yukiko Kakita
Director of photography: Daisuke Okumura, Naoki Man
Main animator: Moat Tsuyoshi
Design work: Yusuke Yoshigaki
Editing: Kentaro Tsubone
Music: Oshima Michiru
Sound director: Jun Watanabe
Sound effects: Seiki Kawada
Production: TRIGGER

Atsuko Kagari: Megumi Han
LOTTE Jansson: Fumiko Origasa
sushii mamba balun: Michiyo Murase
Diana Cavendish: Yoko Hikasa
Amanda O'Neil: Arisa Shida
konsutantsue amarie phone buraunshubanku = Albrechtsberger: Rie Murakawa
yasuminka antonenko: Reina Ueda
shainiishario: Noriko Hidaka

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