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Episode 9 

Saturday, June 2, 2018 broadcast

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―maboroshi*jojishi [fantasy opera] by two major divas that the song changes even fate of star

The stage is continent nunashia of fiction.
Innumerable countries and civilization come into existence and prosper and fight,
The eternal history that fell is carved with.
Lin who lives in remote village, Dan Delaware which is full of green
A little (?) Girl cheerful in gluttons.
Mel of older sister who is gentle in people of steady,
Boy, Al aiming at world's best scientist in invention geeks,
We live a peaceful life at throat among grandfathers that love is deep strictly.

On the other hand, diva, fee varnish which is loved in gorgeous castle town by the people.
While she is princess candidate of prince becoming the next king
We spend lonely daily life in depth of the royal palace among walls of several folds.

Other human beings have a certain few special power to such contrastive two people.
We heal wound and create Wednesday and light… We can sing "song" producing various miracles.

…Fate tempts two people with power of song into severe trip each.

When shadow of war covers kingdom exhaustively, even brightness of miraculous song is dyed color of blood.
Life of beloved people is robbed of, and unvoiced scream sounds through stone jail.

Song which fate of two people crosses, and is sung last

With despair or hope or it…….

The staff cast

◆The cast
Phosphorus: Konomi Suzuki
Fee varnish: Yukari Tamura
Al: Misaki Kuno
Pony Good light: Chiaki Takahashi
Henry Leo bolt: Seiichiro Yamashita
aryu looks: Asami Seto
Monica looks: Yu Serizawa
korute / Mel: Ai Kayano
bazura bear Mors: Tsuyoshi Koyama
The rood Bern Stein fourth: Yuto Suzuki
Doctor Vai then: shokeiman
Tal dia hawk Ray: Hiroshi Ito

◆The staff
The original, director, script: Morita and Junpei (MAGES.)
Character original bill: Tomonori Fukuda (MAGES.)
Animation F buttocks Tater: *ishinryo
Main character design: Shizue Kaneko
Assistant character design: Shuichi Hara, Toshiyuki Fujisawa
Design work: Barn storm design laboratory
Art director: 1, Nishiki, Okubo
Background art: dehogyarari
Color scheme: Takayo Onishi
Director of photography: sanhonyaho
Words: Your field sub-music: Yusuke Shirato (Dream Monster)
Music production: MAGES.
Production: LIDENFILMS X Dwango (coproduction)

Because opening theme song "needs you there if we sing"
Words: Konomi Suzuki, hatakeaki
Composition, arrangement: Yusuke Shirato (Dream Monster)
Song: Konomi Suzuki

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