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Love rice

Love rice

Wednesday from 22:50 to 22:55
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Broadcast information

Love rice

Broadcast information

It is wave abusive flight to twelfth set two terms

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 broadcast

Love Rice who survived pinch with the aid of her best show of chinko Buddhist priest somehow.
One love Rice coming back to venue of the Niname festival that sudden rain rains steadily.
Establish to hinohikari, bamboo grass, love at first sight, Akitakomachi, Nikomaru.
Does thought to give to U.S. popular revival of five people, the school continuation reach?
Rice can win on bread...

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Her best show.
Live that grains appeal to people for own taste as for it.

Her be star.
Title that show that it is splendid is given to Yes grains.

Westernization of meal, popularity of grains are replaced these days on bread in reduction of the acreage under cultivation policy──
Dining table became monopoly of her be star "yeast King" of bread.

Five new rice who entered kokuritsuinehogakuen just before closedown,
We form "love rice" to regain popularity of rice.
We work hard at exercise of her best show in order to surpass yeast King…….

Is laughter that personified rice; heart full "U.S." D that there is fiery zeal in!
Dining table does not need two grains. Which becomes true her be star?

The staff cast

■The cast
hinohikari: Mark Ishii
We establish to bamboo grass: Chiharu Sawashiro
Love at first sight: soma be so not crowded
Akitakomachi: Misa Komori
Nikomaru: Nina Tamaki
ANN (Ann): Junya Enoki
SHOCK (shock): Yuto Suzuki
CARRY (Carrie): Genki Okawa
We go and shine: Kenjiro Tsuda
chinko Buddhist priest: Tomokazu Sugita
Bear of forest: Mafia Kajita
Manamusume: Natsuko Hara
kurowa: Shuta Morishima
Kollo ane: Miho Masaka
Camembert: hipo
Guru beautiful: Saori Murakita
guru child: Kaori Saito
guru ko: Riko Sasaki

■The staff
General producer: fukuharakeikyo
Original bill, series constitution: Takabayashi yuki
Script: Takashi Ifukube
Character design: Oh, put; bottle
Art director: NOB-C
Director: Takashi Horiuchi (gurafinika)
Animation character design: Tomoyo Sawada
Series director: Yuta Yamazaki
Animation producer: teisanuyamai
Sound producer: Osamu Nakano
Sound director: Fusakogane
Music: Wing plus
Advertising: Kennichi Kobayashi
Plan, the original: Yao Yorozu
Animation production: enkarejjifirumuzu

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