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Love live! Sunshine! TV animation two quarters

Love live! Sunshine! TV animation two quarters

Saturday from 22:30 to 23:00

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Love live! Sunshine! TV animation two quarters

Broadcast information

Brightness of Episode 13 us

Saturday, December 30, 2017 broadcast

Love live! Aqours which served as championship of earnest wish at this meeting.
And the last Sunday which spent time in star women's university of ura came over. It is students writing messages for in school building loving many memories that we spent at school on chest. Finally, nine people of Aqours promising to meet with smile without crying.
At graduation ceremony, certificate is conferred by ball Rei of director. And it is raw...

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Seaside town of Numazu-shi, Shizuoka, star women's university of I Tachiura in cove.

In small high school in corner of Gulf of Suruga
Nine girls mainly on Chika Takami of second grader have big dream and stand up.

It become "school idol" shining shiningly!

- - that dream surely comes true if we do not give up.
We will merely run through for brightness recklessly now!
From here of themStory to grant together(school Idol Project) began!

The staff cast

The original: Hajime Yadate
Original bill: koya*ko
Director: Kazuo Sakai
Series constitution: Jukki Hanada
Character design: Yuhei Murota
Main animator: Tomoyuki Fujii, Madoka Hirayama, Keiichi Sano
Set design: Takeshi Takahashi
Art director: Yoko Kamiyama, Suzuki walnut
Color scheme: Yokoyama sayo child
CG director: koku﨑go
Director of photography: Daiki Sugiyama
Editing: Daisuke Imai
Sound director: Yukio Nagasaki
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Music production: Lantis
Animation production: Sunrise
Production: 2017 project Love live! Sunshine!

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