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Fairy tale prospect is strange

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Flower of Episode 10 Monday blooms twice

Thursday, March 29, 2018 broadcast

Japanese school which faced game with American school without stillness. But Drew and Cameron who were fed up with unfair stratagem of phosphorus of leader at American school decline participation, and "extermination round" is started at the second night with reducing member each other. ... that magic of "Little Match Girl" phosphorus was strong Hino sachimo of self-styled Japanese school ace was Japanese school which participated in the war, and fought well.

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While girls who are called saying "prospect is strange" chosen as the original book study for it being to "original book trainer" of first rank in magic school of all the countries of the world.

Their aim win the championship in magic battle meet "hekusennahato" that all-star representatives of each school compete for each other's ability once a year. It is said that champion is given magic that one something wish comes true.

One day it was short of members, and high school girl whom reading and imagination liked, Hazuki Kagimura appeared in front of leader of Japanese school Saturday Monshizu where suspension was anxious about.

... which Hazuki that botchi without friend shows a slight is chosen as the original book of "Cinderella" having strong power for some reason too much, and will enter magic school

Over "Cinderella" and championship, girls train themselves intensively together, and magic girl battle of feeling just gives curtain that we sometimes enter hot spring!

The staff cast

[The staff]
Original bill & series constitution: Tomohiro Matsu
Original bill cooperation: StoryWorks
Character original bill: Supervisor
General manager: Hisashi Saito
Director: Shigeru Ueda
Character design: Yuki Morikawa
Script: Tomohiro Matsu, hemp back, Yuichi Kadota / Ryunosuke Kingetsu
Color scheme: Maki Saito
Art director: Tomoko Shimomoto
Director of photography: Yusaku Murakami
Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose
Music: rionos
Music production: Lantis
Sound director: Hiroto Morishita
Sound production: Kano sound
Animation production: fuzzuentateimmento
Production: Fairy tale prospect henproduction Committee

[the cast]
Hazuki Kagimura: Kusuki and forest
Saturday Monshizu: Rie Suegara
Yumi rear Kazan: Lynn
Phosphorus Dave: Rina Hidaka
Saint Mary Rasputin: Eri Otsu
agate is Aryan: Ai Kakuma
Arthur Penn dragon: Reina Ueda
kasumashiyuko: Kaede Hondo
Director Manabu: Akemi Okamura

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