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Is it the first school attendance of Episode 11 mofurun? It is gettomofu with topaz of wakuwaku!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 broadcast

It is ka tasumirai by reencounter that is after a long absence with return, father and grandma in own house. Vice-principal, teacher of magic school appeared there and came to convey that Riko would go to karamiraito same junior high school tomorrow. They will live on suggestion of mother in house having same Rico hamiraito, and two people are delighted.

When must not be seen in person by magic to vice-principal teacher; note...

We see more


Asahina miraiha becoming eighth grader soon, night with spring vacation,
We discover place where mysterious object falls into park nearby in the sky.
While being excited at to expectation on chest ofukuramaserumiraiha, the next morning "is it by any chance witch?!",
We have loved all the time since childhood
We go to park with "mofurun" including sewing of bear.

Yes and one which we saw there…Girl who is floating in the air on broom…!
The girl named Rico is witch how!

Is interested in miraiha, witch; Rico for crossfire.
Riko seemed to do "a certain thing" in the world where sounding out shinimiraino lived in.
Furthermore, two people can hit the same pendant when they see well….

Meanwhile, friend, Bhatti of witch, Doc Roxy of darkness appears before two people!
We press Riko to carry "wrinkle stone emerald",
Riko seems to be looking for "wrinkle stone emerald" somehow or other, too….

Was cornered in monster yokubaru created through magic of darkness of Bhatti; then…

miraito Rico and mofurun are filler, words of magic by hand
"Daddy kyuappu lah!" Glory comes pendant when we advocate this.

And legendary witch "PRECURE" is born…! !

The staff cast

◆The main staff

Producer: Mikio Uetsuki (ABC), Risa Endo (ADK), Keisuke Naito
Series director: Masato Mitsutsuka
Series constitution: Isao Murayama
Music: Yo Takagi
Production charge: sansakisonshu
Art design: Ryutaro Masuda
Color scheme: Yoshiko Sakuma
Character design: Emiko Miyamoto

◆The cast

Cure miracle / Asahina mirai
Rie Takahashi

Cure MAGI CAL / moon sixteen days old Rico
Yui Horie

Ayaka Saito

Cure ferry Che / flower sea kotoha
Saori Hayami

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