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Kobayashi sanchino May dragon

Kobayashi sanchino May dragon

Wednesday from 24:00 to 24:30

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Kobayashi sanchino May dragon

Broadcast information

Episode 12 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 broadcast

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Beautiful girl Thor dressed in maid who appeared to Kobayashi of bachelorhood fatigue female office worker suddenly.
Figure of her who grew corner, and carried tail with her right dragon daughter (daughter).
In Thor to tell to have come to house by invitation of Kobayashi who got drunk working as Kobayashi sanchino maid that when it is that……?
"Maid" + "dragon" = "May dragon" has a cute junk choro!
Interchange comedy between different kind groups that is sometimes black almost faintly with dragon daughter and human beings!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Kool religion believer (among Futaba Corporation "monthly publication action" serialization)
Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Series constitution: Yuka Yamada
Character design: The Kadowaki future
Art director: Mikiko Watanabe
Color scheme: beiden*ka
Accessory setting: Akitake uniformity
Director of photography: ura**
Sound director: tsuruokayota
Music: Masumi Ito
Music production: Lantis
Opening theme song: fhana
Ending theme song: choro Gon zu (Thor, plane, Erma, rukoa)
Animation production: Kyoto animation
Production: Dragon life improvement committee

[the cast]
Kobayashi: Mutsumi Tamura
Thor: Kuwahara reason mind
Plane: Maria Naganawa
Erma: Yuki Takada
rukoa: Minami Takahashi
fafuniru: Daisuke Ono
The Takidani truth: Yuichi Nakamura

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