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Bean cat

Bean cat

Monday from 25:05 to 25:10

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Bean cat

Broadcast information

Episode 12 cat hot pot

Monday, March 26, 2018 broadcast

On the last day of the year, they clean the whole by family going out together of owner, but adzuki bean and soybean are idle and…Surround dining table together, but I cannot see two figures, where was?

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azukitodaizunoyurufuwaneko life
"Soybean ♂" of naughty "adzuki bean ♀" and quiet system.
Medicine and laughable senility and feed gakawaiiyuruneko animation!

The staff cast

◆The cast

Adzuki bean ♀: Suzuna Kinoshita
Soybean ♂: Hitomi Ueda
Owner: Satomi Akesaka
External color: Kohei Mitoma
moja: You Taichi
Room father: Takahiro Shimura
Glasses: Wataru Kato
mamekorekai: Yu Hatanaka

◆The staff

The original:
Cat firewood (Muses work)
 "Bean cat adzuki bean and soybean"
 "It is bean cat 2 rice"
 "Bean cat 3 kora, hey!"
 "It is bean cat 4 mamekorekai!"
 (cherry tree building)
Director, script, direction, series constitution: Yuzo Yamamoto
Art director: Yamada Yoshinobu
Sound director, music: Ryo Hayakawa
Sound production: Ray craft X on reed
Music production: studioA-CAT
Theme song: Segawa ayaka "MIKE"
Animation production: kyarakushon
Collecting studio: Studio inspire
Advertising cooperation: Kyoei University Ito laboratory
Production: Bean cat production Committee

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