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Taisho Moebius line is small

Taisho Moebius line is small

Friday from 21:54 to 22:00

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Taisho Moebius line is small

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Episode 12 Taisho Moebius line

Friday, December 22, 2017 broadcast

Kyoto Ichiro who woke from long dream. Train arrives at Imperial capital soon. New life will begin from now on. Civilization and den* cannot be over spirits of a dead person in chomeguri and others made Imperial capital. - - that Kyoto Ichiro stepped forward to one step triumphantly.

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The staff cast

[the cast]
Holly Kyoto Ichiro: Yasuaki Takumi
Misaki: Hikaru Hanada
Autumn shower: Yoshiro Miura
Iori Senge: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Tatebayashi open: Satoshi Hino
Kaoru Ise, kun: Kenji Akabane

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