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Maid in The Abyss

Maid in The Abyss

Friday from 25:40 to 26:10

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Maid in The Abyss

Broadcast information

Episode 13 people to challenge

Friday, September 29, 2017 broadcast

nanachi which we asked for on seeing cremation gun of leg saying "spoil miti" remembers childhood. We prayed true abyss "The Abyss" for nanachi which lived while doing garbage picking in the past in Thule "sereni" if we continued living such as the same abyss when we wanted to go. On such one day, sounding out cave family of "The Abyss" comes over; and is the beginning by speech in front of children...

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Great loss "The Abyss" of unexplored region left alone in the world searched for exhaustively to every corner. Singularity mysterious creatures inhabit the pit huge deeply which does not become known even if we follow to where, and valuable remains which we cannot make in the present human sleep. Figure filled with wonders of "The Abyss" attracted people and drove to adventure. In that way Les Aventuriers which challenged great loss many times came to be gradually called "person of sounding out cave".
It was sometime in the great sounding out caves like mother, and Riko of orphan who lived in town "osu" built in edge of The Abyss dreamed of solving mystery of The Abyss. Such one day, Riko are picking with robot which did figure of boy in The Abyss in sounding out cave…?

The staff cast

■The staff
The original: Horsetail Akihito (bamboo Publishing "WEB comics gamma")
Director: Masayuki Kojima
Archdeacon: *wato
Assistant director: Shinya Iino
Series constitution: Hideyuki Kurata
Script: Hideyuki Kurata Keigo Koyanagi
Character design: Kazuya Kise
Monster design: Yoshinari steel
Prop design: Takeshi Takakura
Art director: Shu Masuyama
Art setting: Toshiki Nishi
Color scheme: Miyao Yamashita
Director of photography: kokanjoko (T2 studio)
Sound director: Haru Yamada
Music: kevin penkin
Music producer: Hiromitsu Iijima
Music production: IRMA LA DOUCE
Animation production: Cinema citrus

■The cast
Rico: Miu Tomita
Leg: Mariya Ise
nanachi: Shiori Izawa
ozen: Sayaka Oohara
maruruku: Aki Toyosaki
jiruo: Futoshi Murata
Nut: Mutsumi Tamura
Snipe: Manami Numakura
kiyui: Manami Hanawa
Riser: Maaya Sakamoto

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