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Detective Opera Milky Holmes (again)

Detective Opera Milky Holmes (again)

Wednesday from 19:00 to 19:30

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Detective Opera Milky Holmes (again)

Broadcast information

- good-bye special in Detective Opera Milky Holmes summer, work clothes. It is ... long good-by four ever forever

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 broadcast

Akechi work clothes were kidnapped!
G3 (G4 except work clothes) and milky holmes face Irene's house in order to recapture work clothes.
Because own company faced crisis of bankruptcy again, we introduced work clothes as idol and were case that father of Irene raised to obtain large sum of money.
Was work clothes which refused that became idol, but of G3...

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sharo, Nero, Elly, four people of Cordelia,
Popular person of "Institute of Holmes detective" who solved many cases by toys and outstanding teamwork.
They "milky holmes" was object of adoration from not only student but also citizens of *to Yokohama.
But ... that four people of "milky holmes" lose each toy in the middle of battle with old enemy "phantom thief empire" at a certain stormy night, and the fate changes suddenly.

The staff cast

Sherlock Sherin Ford: Mimori suzuko
yuzurisaki Nero: Sora Tokui
Hercule Burton: Mikoi Sasaki
Cordelia gurauka: Kitta Izumi
The Al Seine, Ann rillettes Miss tail: Satomi Akesaka
Twenty, 20 villages Sea: Daisuke Kishio
Stone river, Soseki Ishigori: Takuma Teashima
Rat, Jiro Nezu: Hiro Shimono
Akechi work clothes: Yoshino Nanjo
chotanikawahei*: Yoshiko Shinya
Saki Toyama: Yukari Tamura
Zenigata next child: Miyuki Sawashiro

It is original bill production total conduct: Takaaki Kitani
Plan, the original: Bushiroad, Kurono gear are creative
Director: Makoto Moriwaki
Series constitution: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character original bill: Is Tanihara; arrive (EDEN\'S NOTES), usaharayume
Character design, total drawing director: Seiya Numata
Art director: Shichiro Kobayashi
Art setting: Toshiharu Mizutani
Color scheme: Tomoko Yamazaki, Asuka Hino
Director of photography: Shinichi Igarashi
Editing: Masahiro Goto
Sound director: Jin Aketagawa
Music: Satoshi Inohara (Angel Note)
Music producer: Yoshiyuki Ito
Animation production: J.C.STAFF/ animation studio art land

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