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Detective Opera Milky Holmes second curtain (again)

Detective Opera Milky Holmes second curtain (again)

Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:00 (two episodes serialization)

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Detective Opera Milky Holmes second curtain (again)

Broadcast information

Is Episode 10 Y.H confused?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 broadcast

Milky holmes which we promised, "we are spied on which is excellent before detective Expo." But time passes and reaches Sunday of unveiling ceremony of "tower of detective". In handbill distributed to four people who got impatient when did not have the time letter of "detective Expo mascot girl contest" offer. It is golden opportunity and determined four people, but there is with "participation qualification, toys". For four people who are depressed, it is toy somewhere in Yokohama...

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Although toys returned with much effort,
Four people of milky holmes which has lost toys once again.
When milky holmes regain toys, it becomes shade, and it is in the sun, and the Al Seine (= Ann rilletts) to strongly expect revival of worthy rival supports four, but there is not at all sign that toys revive.
On the contrary, four people are completely used to poor life, and no good highway is precipitate.
Completely leave not only toys but also thing which is the most important in academy life at last; ...

The staff cast

◆ The cast
[Sherlock Sherin Ford] Mimori suzuko
[yuzurisaki Nero] Sora Tokui
[Hercule Burton] Mikoi Sasaki
[Cordelia gurauka] Izumi Kitta
[the Al Seine, Ann rilletts Miss tail] Satomi Akesaka
[twenty, 20 villages Sea] Daisuke Kishio
[stone river, stone style Soseki] Takuma Teashima
[rat, Jiro Nezu] Hiro Shimono
[Akechi work clothes] nan*ai*
[chotanikawahei*] Yoshiko Shintani
[Saki Toyama] Yukari Tamura
[Zenigata Tsugiko] Miyuki Sawashiro

◆ The staff
[production all-out conduct, original bill] Takaaki Kitani
[plan, the original] Bushiroad Kurono gear is creative
[director] Makoto Moriwaki
[series constitution] Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
[character original bill] taniharanatsuki (EDEN\'S NOTES), usaharayume
[character design] Seiya Numata
[art director] kyuhotomoko
[art setting] Toshiharu Mizutani
[color scheme] Tomoko Yamazaki, Hino sub-vermilion Kei
[director of photography] Shinichi Igarashi
[editing] Masahiro Goto
[sound director] Jin Aketagawa
[music] Well no Satoshi Hara (Angel Note)
[music producer] Yoshiyuki Ito
[animation production] J.C.STAFF/ animation studio art land