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Episode 12 The detective of the Opera

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 broadcast

Song phantom thief case that finally arrived at the truth after the long investigation. We finish work, and, under the milky holmes which spent time slowly as always, ticket of concert arrives. It….

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Cases that song of idols lost were frequent in *to Yokohama. The accident falls on the body of super idol, Amagi jasmin sound (amagimarine) and is "also robbed of her large hit miraculous song".

It is milky holmes to have stood up there. Four people asked for recapture of "miraculous song" are engaged earnestly for crime-solving for jasmin sound from jasmin sound in the entertainment world!

On earth who took song away from idol for what? And what is method to regain song which we were robbed of? New fight of four people of milky holmes begins now!

The staff cast

▼The staff
It is original bill production total conduct: Takaaki Kitani
The original: Bushiroad Kurono gear is creative
Director: Hiroshi Nishikori
Assistant director: Hirokazu Hanai
Script: Chamber Tianhe, Go Zappa, Yasukawa Shogo, Kiyo Ikami, Hideki Shirane, side sailor one
Character - original bill: Is Tanihara; arrive; usaharayume
Character design: Fujita mari child
Music producer: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden), Noriyasu Uematsu (Elements Garden)
Music: Elements Garden (Daisuke Kikuta, Evan Cal, Haruki Mori, Tomohiro Kita)
Sound director: Hamano advanced age
Opening theme song artist: Milky holmes
Ending theme song artist: Emi Nitta
Animation production: J.C.STAFF/ nomade

▼The cast
Sherlock Sherin Ford: Mimori suzuko
yuzurisaki Nero: Sora Tokui
Hercule Burton: Mikoi Sasaki
Cordelia gurauka: Kitta Izumi
Amagi jasmin sound: Emi Nitta
Akechi work clothes: Yoshino Nanjo
Tokiwa Kazumi: Manami
Myoujingawa Alice: Ayasa Ito

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