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Episode 13 mall girl selection #1 masapi

Monday, December 25, 2017 broadcast

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While fuyumi (CV: Ryo Kato) of around 30 female office worker feeling a fret in lack of encounter, and, as for younger student Haruko (CV: Natsuko Hara) having rather high femininity, analysis evaluating men calmly while aiming at men's reputation, but, against too strong male customer of individuality, pulling Don, and getting irritated…Two people who repeat.
In place "of" magic to solve trouble of modern girl with a few encounters, is their "prince" found? ?

The staff cast

[The staff]
Plan: Takashi Bessho / Shunnichi Okabe / Shin Hatta product / ko*daijo
Plan original bill: Kenji Akazawa
Director, script, series constitution: Forest Ryoichi
Producer: Takashi Bessho / Kenji Akazawa / Kimijima violet
Character design: Fujisaki TAKUMA
Animation production: IKEAnimations
Sound director: Soichiro Kubo
Sound production: TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM
Recording studio: Aoi Studio
Adjustment: Glovision
Sound effects, selection of music: Yoshiaki Tokunaga
Editing: In plan
Art cooperation: Wound and play
Public information: Risa Murakawa
Production: Strawberry mitsupikuchuazu
Production: Strawberry mitsupikuchuazu / Glovision / TV Tokyo media net / global solutions (MOGOL CAFE STAFF)

[the cast]
Ryo Kato
Natsuko Hara

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