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susume of nito ju

susume of nito ju

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susume of nito ju

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In evening of Episode 10 moonlit night

Monday, December 25, 2017 broadcast

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Sakurai invites Moriko that is hurt with a word of Yashiro, and jumped out of convenience store into own room for shelter. One or ... that two carry out relations, and what happens to which we built through Moriko and Sakurai ... netoge which exchanged each other's feelings while measuring each other's distance?

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Moriko, Morioka (♀), 30 years old, single person, NEET.
We did drop-out from the reality (rial) world.
Point where we demand haven and arrived at is -----net world!

"It is brain-damaged in the world"
"Moriko, Morioka (we serve and pigeon and come)" which became dropping out of corporate NEET,
We left for the world of net for substantial life! Place where we arrived at,
Net game----popular name "netoge."
Moriko after starting life that was new as refreshing good-looking guy "forest (grows)" of silky hair in the netoge world.
After keeping being killed in beginner full exposure, pretty girl "Lily" holds out helping hand.
"Angel da kore! !!"
netoge life that gets friend to trust triggered by encounter with Lily, and is enriched.
Meanwhile, in the rial world, we achieve "Yuta Sakurai (sakuraiyuuta)" of mystery blond European, good-looking guy elite office worker and shocking encounter.

The reality world that begin to trade by encounter with him, the influence in netoge?
How does "nito ju" of Moriko life really turn out?

For genuine "enhancement" - - - - - - - -
You log in to the world where rial intersects net, too!

The staff cast

[The staff]
Director: Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
Archdeacon: *saori
Series constitution: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character design: 1,000 Umishima
Costume Design: mebachi
Prop design: Asuna Imahashi
Color scheme: Yoshiho Tanaka
Art director: Hoki Izumi
Director of photography: Yoshiyuki Anzai
Editing: hondenyuki
Sound director: Hozumi Goda
Music: Cornish
Music production: Flying Dog
Animation production: SIGNAL.MD

[the cast]
Moriko, Morioka: Mamiko Noto
Yuta Sakurai: Takahiro Sakurai
Forest: reimoku**
Lily: Reina Ueda
Homare Koiwai: Chiaki Maeno
Kazuomi Fujimoto: Takuma Teashima
Kanbe: Yuichi Nakamura
Lilac: Yuuka Aisaka
pokotarou: Kazuhiro Sunseki
himeraruda: Takanori Yagi 

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