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25-year-old high school girl

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Of Episode 3 secret is given lessons in after school

Sunday, January 21, 2018 broadcast

"We stretch in physical education warehouse…Hey, this, absolute are funny…Kanie that kept company with exercise of - - athletic meet. Though he/she will stretch after exercise, it is touched, and strange voice comes out carelessly and will not do…? It is pressed "do you invite?" and is not escaped though we twist the body and resist…Only for two hot body be dissolved after school――…

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"kyo erarenaikoto shi teyaruyo to child"

Flower is 25 years old of job search average.
By request from sudden relative, we have been going to go to school as truant cousin, 16-year-old substitute!
It looks just like appearance and cannot come out…On the first day of the school attendance that infiltrated in this, anything and classmate, Kanie of high school appear as teacher and come out in sokko.
To flower which we asked so for wanting you to fall silent, instruction that is adult from Kanie begin…?

The staff cast

[The staff]
Writer name: makana
Director: tatashuta
Series constitution / script: Shinichiro Sawayama
Character design, total drawing director: Sawako Yamamoto
Sound director: Tetsuro Orita
Sound production: kozumikkurei / tabakku
Animation production: Re-Riku
Production: pikantesakasu
Production: Comet company

[the cast]
・The normal version cast
Excellent bird flower: Hitomi Harada
Akito Kanie: Chiharu Sawashiro
Naoyuki Aida: Tomohito Takatsuka

・The full version cast
Excellent bird flower: In wao
Akito Kanie: Kyohei Morishita
Naoyuki Aida: Tetsuto Furukawa

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