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#"Moeka Aoshima sings" which "Moeka Aoshima knows" which "Moeka Aoshima is troubled" 4

Monday, April 30, 2018 broadcast

"Moeka Aoshima is troubled"
Moeka who supports you that one step embarked on dream with smile.
Time only for two people delightful like childhood.
However, on the other hand, Moeka worries in appearing reality.
Slight gap has begun to be born for step of two people.

"Moeka Aoshima knows"
Of you who do not change...

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Main character is you―――
We deal with "tekyu" series, "yamanosusume" series
Of sumairaru animation
"Virtual animation" most new work.
Story to bring up this time in your (One) room (Room).
Days happy indulgently with girls full of individuality
It is drawn by your viewpoint.

The staff cast

[the cast]
Yui Hanasaka (it is lack or says): M A O
Natsuki Tobaru (momoharanatsuki): Rie Murakawa
Moeka Aoshima (aoshimamoka): Mimori suzuko

[The staff]
Character original bill: Supervisor
Character design: Yasuhiro Okuda (St. silver)
Production: One Room production Committee
Animation production: Typhoon graphics
Producer: Yutaka Goto, Suzuki excellent arms, Shuichi Suzuki
Plan: Masashi Kikuta, Takashi Sakurai
Story original bill: Eiji Mano
Script: shimoi*hoshi
Sound production: Jinnan studio
Music: yamazo
Music production: F, M F
The original: SMIRAL

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