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Onigiri (again)

Onigiri (again)

Tuesday from 25:00 to 25:05

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Broadcast information

Onigiri (again)

Broadcast information

The eighth hanashiawaawakoremu

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 broadcast

It was all members who match power, and defeated ghost, but, by spell that ghost hung right before we fall down, their life greatly changes?

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Onigiri is story of progeny and friends of ogre confronting mystery group "party" appearing and disappearing in devil "God bite" and the rear of iyokai on the stage of i no country Japan where Japanese history, myth, folktale, all of children's stories mix with chaos….

The staff cast

[the cast]
Shizukagozen: Aina Suzuki
Yoshitsune: Eriko Matsui
Ibaraki Douji: Mimori suzuko
Kaguya: Izumi Kitta
Amaterasu: Natsuko Hara

Veronica: Yuki nakashima
Uzume: Nakane monya
Kijimuna: Nozomi Kinoshita

The narration: Katsuyuki Konishi

[The staff]
The original: CyberStep
Director: Yamamoto sky will
Series constitution, script: Kono Takamitsu
Script: Takashi Aoshima
Script: Atsushi Oka
Character design, total drawing director: Yukiko Ibe
Art director, art setting: Satoshi Shibata
Color scheme: Tsukidate Junko
Prop design: amanwashun
Sound director: Yasunori Honda
Music production: Bushiroad music, being
Animation production: piero plus

Animation theme song: As for "the princess, of turbulence ☆ party" is STARMARIE