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Puss pop

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If Episode 12 dances; all is da nya puss pop

Monday, December 25, 2017 broadcast

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"I dance! Thus, there is me"
"Puss relieves high school girl by song and dance heavens God of West Africa pop"! -.

 "Puss watched people heavens God of West Africa close in old days pop".

 However, "puss has hit mallet on time that had one old woman with mortar and mallet in yam once pop" by mistake. We had trauma of "puss for excessive pain pop".

 Thereafter we solved problem of people using apparitions of a living person called "apostle" who was own subordinate while being scared in taking person and direct communication while "puss worried about people pop".

 High school girl is troubled with lesson of Japan after school today. For diet, we study for an examination in love…Trouble does not run out in this.

 "Puss dispatch apostle pop", and save lovesick them by song and dance of strong Afro beat! !

The staff cast

[The staff]
Chief producer: makomina
Producer: rikariko
Plan, original bill: Asmik Ace, Inc., Kyoto-style tomato
Character designer: Hikaru Suemasa
Director: Sota Sugawara
Series constitution, script: Onaka Takeshi
Production: Kyoto-style tomato
Music: Hosoi Takafumi
MMD director: It is poco P pop
3D modeling: Spring @ majimemodera
Character modeling: gin*
Background art: shizuka

[the cast]
We use puss pop: Maaya Uchida
The part of grr gone looper: Shunya Ohira
Hamster (the Zhu-maru): mako
Chief producer additional post hamster (grain Jiro): Minami
Chief producer additional post hamster (egg): ririri
Otter: Sadao Shimura
Rabbit: Kei village spring
Tortoise (Rikuo): Watanabe Risa
Tortoise (nagiko): katomika
It is rika sloth 1
It is riko sloth 2
High school girl (*na): Aki Ozawa
High school girl (success): Maria Naganawa
High school girl (come): Saori Murakita
High school girl (auction): Tsukino moa

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