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"There are few friends in May 29 Episode 4 that is him." Broadcast information improves(2018/05/23)


Episode 3 "sometimes does that God of romantic comedy is good." on May 22 Broadcast information improves(2018/05/16)


"Surely we work as everybody, and Episode 2 has trouble to regular." on May 15 Broadcast information improves(2018/05/09)


"Their wrong youth begins broadcast Episode 1 in this way." on May 8 Broadcast information improves(2018/04/18)

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"After all my youth romantic comedy gets a wrong." animation Formal HP(2018/04/18)

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"It is lie, and youth is evil"
──Hiki valley Yahata who was made to join "service department" triggered by composition that we wrote in this way.
In service department, gal belonging to beautiful girl, creeping saxifrage Yukino as we hold breath, high-ranking caste of class meets Yui Yuigahama, and we should do development --, but character that I am sorry of Yahata does not permit romantic comedy it!
On earth, high school life of Yahata, what happens?

(C)These 2013 travel, Shogakukan / and needle production Committee is wrong.

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