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After liquor got married

After liquor got married

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After liquor got married

Broadcast information

Episode 13 mangofurozun

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 broadcast

Chisato that sees off figure that we finish work, and everybody goes to drink on Friday. In head, it is already full about liquor. It was Chisato that was displeased by non-alcohol a little though curry and yogurutosumuji of soryo*sei were taken out before Chisato who came home, but soryo prepared for special menu.

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Though we are quiet, Chief excellent beautiful woman, Chisato Mizusawa has secret that only soryo of husband knows.
Becoming very pretty when it likes liquor and gets drunk!
Slight intoxication that "does, and plays" cocktail dechichanha to make of SORA tonight♥
"Drunkenness dere" of the best ichaicha couple in Japan cocktail comedy!

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: After "liquor got married" Yosuke who is crystal (among Shogakukan "soft spirits" serialization)
General manager: hirasawahisayoshi
Director: Tachibana saori
Character design: Hanai citron Satoko
Series constitution / script: WORDS in STEREO
Color scheme: Miki Sorakubo
Director of photography: Koji Hayashi
Animation producer: hatanakataichi
Animation production: Creators in Pack

[the cast]
Chisato Mizusawa: CV.Eri Kitamura
So Mizusawa excellent: CV.Mitsuhiro Ichiki
Yui Shiraishi: CV.Ayaka Asai
Sakurai balmy autumn weather: CV.Nakata Arisa

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