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Overload II

Overload II

Tuesday from 24:30 to 25:00

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Overload II

Broadcast information

Trump greatest in the Episode 13 strongest

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 broadcast

Unprecedented crisis by devil yarudabaoto. rakyusu and Les Aventuriers fought hard to terrible devils who appeared in sequence, and crimes sneaked into wall depth of flame in order to help people who would be kept to the devil. And momon which assumed hope of all the people leads nabe and ibiruai and confronts yarudabaoto! In fierce battle, it is building...

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Time is 2,138 years. Virtual reality bodily sensation type online game << yugudorashiru >> that sparked big boom was going to meet the service end.
Flying squirrel which was player was waiting for time to Chloranthus japonicus in stronghold nazarikku basement size grave proud of group and prosperity.
However, abnormal situation that is not logged out of even if it is past end time occurs.
NPC began to move with intention, and the different world that we had not looked at spread out more outside nazarikku.
Because flying squirrel looks for ex-friend,
We give wool gon entering a which was guild name and make up our mind in becoming known in the different world.
We march with subordinates promising the absolute loyalty to the new ground.
It is the second coming ruler, here of death to rule the world in control!

The staff cast

◆The main staff

The original: Maruyama kugane ("overload" /KADOKAWA)
Character original bill: so-bin
Director: Naoyuki Ito
Series constitution: Yukie Sugawara
Character design: den﨑*, Takahiro Yoshimatsu
Assistant character design monster design prop design: Daiki Imamura, Koji Sugiura, Jyuki Izumo, Masahiko Suzuki
Art director: Shigemi Ikeda, Yukiko Maruyama (atelier musa)
Art setting: Kayoko Tomono, Shuichi Okubo (atelier musa)
Color scheme: Yoshinori Horikawa
3D director: Yasutaka Tanaka
Director of photography: tsugiokamutsuki
Editing: Mariko Tsukatsune
Sound director: Volost sentence Hiroki
Sound production: grooove
Music: Shuji Katayama (Team-MAX)
Music production: KADOKAWA
Animation production: Mad house
Production: Overload 2 production Committee

◆The cast

Which enters a: Satoshi Hino
Albedo: Yumi Hara
sharutia: Sumire Uesaka
Aura: Emiri Kato
Male: Yumi Uchiyama
Demiurge: Masayuki Kato
Cocytus: Kenta Miyake
sebasu: Shigeru Chiba
naberaru: Manami Numakura

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