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The Story of Perrine

The Story of Perrine

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The Story of Perrine

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By power of Episode 30 oneself

Monday, December 18, 2017 broadcast

During work, shoes which had only one pair have been torn. It has no room to buy shoes of change. perinu which we thought about decided to make shoes using cheap cloth which we bought and reed which grew in the bank of thread and pond. Wonderful shoes were completed at last and were perinu to feel satisfaction.

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perinu which lost father goes on a trip that north France Malo is cool and becomes a dependent to grandfather of rich person running textile mill with pet dog baron with mother.
Such as, in the middle of trip, mother dying; Malo arrives coolly while having a hard experience.
However, grandfather disowned without allowing for father of perinu to have married mother who was Indian without permission.
Therefore perinu gives false name with orerii and decides to work in factory of grandfather.

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