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Princess principal

Princess principal

Sunday from 23:00 to 23:30

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Princess principal

Broadcast information

Special program princess principal - Angers report ...

Sunday, October 1, 2017 broadcast

[princess principal] We are composed of case order along chronological order to Episode 1 - Episode 8 performed TV broadcasting of. Digest introduces member introduction of Angers "team Shirohato" and the achievement!

Narrator: Angers (CV. Ayaka Imamura)

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Spy action of girls developed in London that split into east and west!

ALBION king nation's capital London that the stage was divided in huge wall at the end of 19th century by east and west.
Five girls were registered at tradition and a certain formality noble family, Queens Mayfair school.
They develop espionage for cover in high school girls.
Disguise, information gathering, infiltration, car chase…….
Girls make use of each ability and run around the world of shadow.

"What as for us"
"Spy. It is creature telling a lie"

The staff cast

[The staff]
Director: Masanori Tachibana
Series constitution, script: Ichiro Okochi
Character original bill: Loss red and white
Character design, total drawing director: Ukie Akitani
Total drawing director: Kiminori Nishio
Concept art: Quality of 67
Mechanical design: Fumihilo Katagai
Researcher: Seiichi Shiratsuchi
Setting cooperation: Hayami spiral person
Prop design: Oh, notice; Ryo
Music: Yuki Kajiura
Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Art director: Miho Sugiura
The art supervision: Pond Nobutaka
Art setting: Shigehito Ohara, Yuho Taniuchi
Color scheme: Hiroko Tsumori
HOA (Head of 3D Animation): Try slash
The graphic arts: Hirofumi Araki
Director of photography: Yu Wakabayashi (T2 studio)
Editing: teimatsugo (satellite)
Animation production: Studio 3Hz, ACTUS

[the cast]
Angers: Ayaka Imamura
Princess: Akira Sekine
Dorothy: You Taichi
Beatrice Cos., Inc.: Akari Kageyama
chise: Nosomi Huruki
L (L): Takayuki Sugou
7 (seven): Miyuki Sawashiro
Colonel: Takumi Yamazaki
The Lord of Normandy: Takaya Haji
Gazelle: Tomoko Iida

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