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Rascal the Raccoon

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Run Episode 24, and run; Bokurano: Ours canoe

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 broadcast

We have begun to row sterling and Alice by canoe in lake. Sterling spring out in delight in the splendor. We caught trout, and, to see animals of waterside, hit canoe in the evening on bank and cooked campfire and spent fun single night.

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For 1,918 years, it is small town Brailsford among forest and lake and farmland of United States Wisconsin. As mother has been hospitalized as for the boy sterling of animal enthusiast, we live in two people with father. One day we go to forest of Wentworth for fishing with Oscar and Hauser of dog and find Raccoon of baby that mother was shot there by hunter. I'm sorry sterling which we thought of brings back to house and we name Rascal and begin to keep.

The staff cast

[the cast]
Sterling North…Toshihiko Utsumi
Rascal…Masako Nozawa
David Ui lard north…Masato Yamanouchi
Oscar Sunderland…Yuji Shikamata
The narration…Shoko Tsuboi

[The staff]
The original: Sterling North
Script: Akira Miyazaki Kasuke Sato others
Music: Takeo Watanabe
Director: Masaharu Endo

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