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REIKENZAN eichi e no shikaku

REIKENZAN eichi e no shikaku

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REIKENZAN eichi e no shikaku

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The departure that Episode 12 is new

Monday, March 27, 2017 broadcast

Although suffered injury, what is with; "the King land which was able to pass examination of question feeling sword? Still elders of holly sword group pursued that they dissolved intellect religion and received a punishment in the King land.
What is means that the King land took to let them accept intellect religion? - - that trip of trial of the King land also meets the end at last.

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Time of two years passed after the King land began ascetic practices to be hermit of holly sword group. We are given trial "that it falls in this world and mentions with this world", and the King land leaves for own country of birth.

The staff cast

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The King land: Yonaga Tsubasa
King dance: Yuriko Yamaguchi
Rei: Eriko Nakamura

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