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Deer maple temple yotsuiro Hiyori

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Episode 12 deer maple temple yotsuiro Hiyori

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 broadcast

Today is the last day of the year. Held preparations to event "seeing the old year out deer maple temple knight" whom four Sui loaded with everyday patronage to visitor do not have other idea. Visitors gathering in shop in sequence. Four people float contented expression on everybody enjoying party of deer maple temple, too. When we begin to hear ringing bells on New Year's Eve, Sui who went out for seeing off of visitor notices the toaru shadow of a person….

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Here Japanese-style cafe "deer maple temple"
In storekeepers in charge of Sui in charge of tea, latte art went wrong, and came with one of dishes charge, or Tsubaki in charge of sweets.
Secret popular shop which each four specialists commit.
As for their sometimes solving "trouble" of customer while performing "hospitality" of customer.
Heart full story that wonderful four people weave on the stage of cafe.
By the way, is today's customer ...?

The staff cast

◆The staff
The original: Shimizu Yu
(Shinchosha "monthly publication comics @ Bunty" serialization)
Director: Tomomi Kamiya
Series constitution: Akao deko
Adviser, sound director: Takuya Sato
Character design: Kei Anjiki
Assistant character design: Haruna Gozu
Dishes design: Noriko Ito
Color scheme: Nanae Shinaji
Art director: Hiromasa Ogura
Director of photography: kuchihaneki
Editing: Daisuke Hiraki
Music: Go Watanabe
Produce: GENCO
Animation production: ZEXCS
Production: Deer maple temple yotsuiro Hiyori production Committee

◆The cast
Sui (east pole Kyoto Wednesday): Junichi Suwabe
We cook at time (or we came with Nagae): Yuichi Nakamura
Go wrong (Gres go Rio Valentino): Daisuke Ono
Tsubaki (Tsubaki Nakao): Daiki Yamashita
East pole 80 quadrillion: Chiaki Maeno
Eisuke Kakuzaki: Kosuke Toriumi
Soybean flour: Sky Ko Saki is flat

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