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Neapolitan of / cafe where Episode 10 she does not know deer maple temple yet

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 broadcast

[she does not know deer maple temple yet]
"Sounds child" and "aunt" who take a break for shopping return in "deer maple temple." It is shop where is popular in word of mouth site, but sounds child not to believe word of mouth site is half in doubt for the reputation….

[Neapolitan of cafe]
"Inukai sisters" who go to Tokyo, and spend busy days with one and comic artist, one and apparel staff. We are detonated by contact by Neapolitan who watched on TV and go to visit deer maple temple to eat in two people after a long absence….

(C)Shimizu Yu, Shinchosha / deer maple temple yotsuiro Hiyori production Committee

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