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RWBY VOLUME1-3: The Beginning

RWBY VOLUME1-3: The Beginning

Friday from 25:05 to 25:35

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RWBY VOLUME1-3: The Beginning

Broadcast information

Episode 13 

Friday, September 29, 2017 broadcast

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World "remnant" that magic lives together with science

Even the human and beast person, animal and monster called "Grimm" exist in this world. As for the human, living had been threatened for a long time by "Grimm", but the peaceful world was protected now by achievement of "hunter" who maintained the subjugation and the peace and order of "Grimm".

Main character "ruby Rose" will enter hunter training school "beacon academy" by an unexpected coincidence and aims at full-fledged "hunter" with friends to meet there.

The staff cast

Ruby Rose
CV: Saori Hayami

Weiss shuni
CV: Yoko Hikasa

Break belladonna
CV: Yuu Shinamura

Jan Xiao Ron
CV: Ami Koshimizu

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