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The Episode 12 back sky

Thursday, September 21, 2017 broadcast

In front of overwhelming fighting power of the 哪吒 Crown Prince whom they became like doll repeating massacre, sha* are only forced to hard fight. In the hopeless situation, it was one three official storehouses to have appeared…….

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Continent of disorder that person and ghost, chemistry and magic serve as coexistence and tranquility.
"Shangri-la" - - - -.

The balance has collapsed by mysterious "accident" called reckless driving of ghosts who received negative wave suddenly.
For cow demon king revival experiment check that is the root of various crimes, high priest learned in three Sutras party toward the west does T-cloth at last if near at hand.

However, color is dark, and influence of accident appears as we approach T-cloth, and fighting is full of fiercer o.
Sad fate 500 years before we stand in the way before one three official storehouses more…….

The staff cast

[The staff]
The original: Kazuya Minekura "monthly publication Comic ZERO-SUM" serialization (Ichijinsya)
Director: Hideaki Nakano
Series constitution: Kenji Konuta
Character design: Yoko Sato
Assistant character design: Toshimichi Kobayashi
Total drawing director: Toshimichi Kobayashi Yoko Sato
Prop design: Tomokazu Sugimura
Action drawing director: saimoku*kan
Art director: Masaki Mayuzumi
Color scheme: Aiko Yamagami
Director of photography: Shigeki Asakawa
Editing: Yoshiko Kimura
Music: Tatsuya Kato
Music producer: Kawashima hemp clothes
Music production: Lantis
Sound production: Jinnan studio
Sound director: 髙kuwaichi
Opening artist: GRANRODEO 
Ending artist: Rack life
Animation production: Platinum vision

[the cast]
Xuangzang three official storehouses / Friday cicada apprentice to a priest: Toshihiko Seki
Son Goku / Goku: Soichiro Hoshi
sasatorikiyome / makirendaisho: Hiroaki Hirata
Wild boar eight commandments / sky mugwort general of the army: Akira Ishida
The 哪吒 Crown Prince: Natsuho Koda
The Goddess of Mercy: Rei Igarashi
Hong posthumous Buddhist name of a little child: Takeshi Kusao
German corner 兕: Hitoshi Yamanoi
Tal wisdom: Chiwa Saito
Dice Jupiter: Junichi Suwabe

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