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Cherry tree quest

Cherry tree quest

Wednesday from 24:00 to 24:30

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Broadcast information

Broadcast information

Kingdom of Episode 25 cherry tree

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 broadcast

Ex-King was able to join Mayor Naumann in Kanazawa through quality of job, but has been stalled with running out of gas for the middle when we came back. We are going to go to meet ex-King, but there is traffic regulation for festival and pushes crowd aside to tourist association where car is stopped, and we act as go-between, and minister runs. Takamizawa rushes to there with demand-activated bus and sees by nice driving technique. Scene of "daughter of dragon" begins safely, and UMA minister sings "song of dragon" as hard as possible, too. Feeling of people of this country became one, and festival made a big success. On the next morning, the king and ex-King strengthen thing in the future and each other's determination in the royal palace. Come to the retirement-type, the king makes a speech in thought in this year magnificently at last. We gave answer after ex-King thought about this country in the future seriously. Five brave men talked about each future and planted one cherry tree as memorial tree of this country. As for the king who did this town only slightly well, a lot of oneself got well in this way, too.

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