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Passport of Episode 4 hell

Friday, June 22, 2018 broadcast

JJ9 which begins bagman business for fund income of trip. But the load was dreadful explosive, hyper nitro. It is JJ9 caught for load…

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In the 30th century, there are 50 planets of the solar system,
Each ran independent nation….

Young super-wealth Bruce is casino district of asteroid
While we have fun of roulette game,
With great boss of dark syndicate, Brady god
We will do great game of century.

If we can travel across all planets in one year on deadline,
Large sum of money of 120 billion balls is available. However, we become penniless if we lose.

With lock, birdie, beat and others that Bruce got to know at casino,
We get in steam locomotive-shaped private space train "J9-III issue",
In spite of being interference and fight of organization "Brady syndicate" of darkness,
We leave for magnificent race of one lap of solar system for 365 days…!

Thus we bet great game of century and we run and cross the Milky Way.
We decide slant, and hard-boiled is happy if we pass with smile.
Who cried; J9III? Be Happy! Good luck! We leap on dodekai bet!


The world that reminds of American Prohibition when gamble and gangs grow powerful.
Steam locomotive transforms this leading role robot "wandering garfish" how!
Jo Hisaishi is in charge of witty BGM which adopted jazz, the blues, rock 'n' roll.

The staff cast

The main cast
Surprise lock: Kaneto Shiozawa
Whim birdie: Yoko Asagami
Feigned ignorance beat: morikoshi
I, the C blues: Kazuyuki Sogabe
ogan inspector: Kan Tokumaru
D.D. Rich man: Joji Yanami

[the main staff]
Production: The pot field Girl's Festival
Plan: tsubodenjufu
Original bill, series constitution: Masaru Yamamoto
Chief director: Yotsutsuji takao
Character design: Kazuo Komatsubara
Machine design: Submarine
Art setting: Iwao Ito light
Music: Jo Hisaishi
Producer: tsubotashigeo
Production: International movie company

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