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Schoolgirl strikers Animation Channel

Schoolgirl strikers Animation Channel

Friday from 24:30 to 25:00

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Schoolgirl strikers Animation Channel

Broadcast information

Episode 13 decisive battle! Fifth force in eternity

Friday, March 31, 2017 broadcast

Morgana hits of re-o in five ridge Manabu Tachi garden, and school becomes tumultuous. Tsubaki bud that such a state was shown bids defiance to Morgana…. On the other hand, tiera succeed in pinpointing place to stay of Morgana by cooperation of odiru. Altair torte and mediumism three sisters are dispatched to save Tsubaki bud. They are eyes nishitamo in unknown dimension that we arrived at...

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New life private institution girls' high school, five ridge Manabu Tachi garden.
- with face of the back unknown in this school.

"Re-of" mysterious Yoma appearing from dimensional distortion is.
Only as for the girls called "striker" with ability that it can detect five dimensions of space to be able to be opposed to enemy of this human. Five ridge Manabu Tachi garden scouted girls with the quality, and the of re-o subjugation was engine which brought up combat troop which did, "fifth force".
Fight of five girls belonging to team "Altair torte" formed newly and story of the friendship open curtain!

The staff cast

Director / Hiroshi Nishikori
Series constitution / Yoshioka takao
Scenario supervision / Takanari Ishiyama (SQUARE ENIX)
Character original bill / Hajime Kobayashi (SQUARE ENIX)
Character design / Yuichi Tanaka
Design supervision / Sho Okamura (SQUARE ENIX)
Music / Mitsuto Suzuki X tokusashikengo
Music production / SQUARE ENIX
Animation production /J.C.STAFF MUSIC
Opening theme "future system strikers"
Altair torte Miyama Tsubaki bud (cv. Kaori Ishihara) & sumashihara satoka (cv. Rina Hidaka) & night Kinuma Italy cord (cv. Miyuki Sawashiro) & sashima*sui (cv. Kana Hanazawa) & greens forest mana (cv. Yui Ogura)
Ending theme "surely Wanda four!"
sumashihara satoka (cv. Rina Hidaka) & greens forest mana (cv. Yui Ogura)

Beautiful wild camellia bud / Kaori Ishihara
sumashihara satoka / Rina Hidaka
Night Kinuma Italy cord / Miyuki Sawashiro
sashima*sui / Kana Hanazawa
Greens forest mana / Yui Ogura

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