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Super Detective Boys NEO

Super Detective Boys NEO

Monday from 21:55 to 22:00

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Super Detective Boys NEO

Broadcast information

More than Episode 13, Detective Boys NEO

Monday, March 27, 2017 broadcast

We fight a decisive battle with The Fiend with Twenty Faces for the last time at last! !
As expected Detective Boys the future of protecting? Of following! !? ? ?

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Fight with The Fiend with Twenty Faces and Akechi detective still continued. We followed for seven generations.
While Detective Boys which led Kobayashi for the seventh generation also sandwiched thrilling adventure and action between daily life moderately, we spent time slowly.
However, a certain one person, dreadful plot of The Fiend with Twenty Faces lay hidden in there…….
Can 7th generation Kogoro Akechi stop him with 7th generation Kobayashi as expected?
Of creativity in earnest? * and eyes mokushite wait for mystery!

The staff cast

[the cast]
7th generation Kobayashi: Ryohei Kimura
7th generation Kogoro Akechi: Yoshimasa Hosoya
7th generation The Fiend with Twenty Faces: Takuya Eguchi
Mayumi Hanasaki: Sumire Uesaka

[The staff]
Original bill: Ranpo Edogawa "boy detective" series
Plan: Hitoshi Hasegawa (poplar company), Megumi Yasukawa (poplar company), hanaritsuken (poplar company), Ryuta Shiiki (DLE Inc.), Takuo Harada (DLE Inc.)
Plan cooperation: Is Junya Mori (poplar company), Toyama; without arriving (poplar company), and there being Okamoto University (poplar company), Tomikawa; beautiful (poplar company)
Producer: Akiko Ashizuka (DLE Inc.)
Director, series constitution: Kazuhito Omiya
New The Fiend with Twenty Faces character design: Yoshitaka Amano
Animation production: DLE Inc.
Production: Poplar company / DLE Inc.

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