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<HAOLINERS> Silver grave defense 2

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Indigo plant field ball / billion player of Episode 6 violence revolt

Saturday, February 17, 2018 broadcast

Mercury which regained memory that we got rid of goes to base of totems with fall wind, but angry indigo plant field ball attacks mercury in Aslan having been defeated earlier then. For indigo plant field ball with overwhelming ability, mercury and members of totems fall into hard fight

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Inland water silver sends love feeling to riku* of school's best beautiful girl,
We met without the thought being conveyed by the reason of difference in social position.
Among the only point of contact with her playing a game.
On such one day, riku* is kidnapped suddenly.
Mercury jumps into the world of game "Gres Evebuster" to save riku*.
There was the world where battle of grave robber and grave defense to extend continued for 1,000 years. .
In this "Gres Evebuster," past hidden in mercury, riku* gradually becomes clear―

The staff cast

◆The cast
Inland water silver (Riku Sui Gin): Jun Fukuyama
riku* (Riku Ray): Yuka Saito
temujin: Atsuki Tani
Twin star: Ami Koshimizu
F phosphorus: Nishida viewing
riku*shichi: Takayuki Sugou
Fall wind: Kana Asumi
Indigo plant field ball: Soichiro Hoshi

◆The staff
The original: Zero faith workshop (hai*, 闵寻) "Ray May studio" (haikun, minshin)
Original cooperation: Tencent movement is abusive
General manager, script: sumomogo*
Director: Ken Ando
Character design, total drawing director: Yoshiaki Tsubata
Color scheme: Kunio Tsujita
Art director: chokenchiya
Art setting: Seiji Nishimoto
Director of photography: Ryusei Noguchi
2Dworks: Tomoki Murakami
Editing: Keiko Onodera
Music: Minako Seki
Setting production: Ichiko Arai
Production: Emon &BLADE

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