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<HAOLINERS> Silver grave defense /TO BE HERO

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It is ... story ... of special program China animesutajioemon more to one step

Saturday, June 24, 2017 broadcast

We adhere to Chinese animation studio, the production spot of emon! We released a part of the animation of interview and emon production of the staff particularly!
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◆Silver grave defense◆
Original WEB comic is hit product more than whole world total 4 billion PV.

It is powerful enemy severe fate to take main character in sequence and powerful enemy standing in the way again.
Poverty high school student "inland water silver" is robbed of its destined girl "riku*" by enemy. In front of mercurial eyes to pursue when we do not save her, she disappears to the different world.
It was mercury of byte student who had no power in reality……
The different world that grave of world Demiurge exists waits for him.

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※This work broadcasts thing which broadcasted for from October, 2016 to December again.

Main character, old bird is pulchritude, but, in slovenly useless father, is doing work of toilet seat designer.
They divorce wife, and both study and sports live as min and two people of all-around daughter.
One day while we added business, old bird was breathed in to toilet seat how and we were given important role to save the earth and have become hero!
It is makeover in figure chubby from figure that we are good-looking for the compensation!
Fight to protect the earth and min of old bird begins in here……

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The staff cast

◆Silver grave defense◆
■The staff
The original: Zero faith
Director: Masahiko Okura
Series constitution: kimurahidefumi, Masahiko Okura
Character design, total drawing director: Yoshiaki Tsubata
Color setting: Kunio Tsujita
Art director: Shigemi Ikeda, Yukiko Maruyama
Art setting: Seiji Nishimoto
Director of photography: Ryusei Noguchi
2Dworks: Miyuki Kojima
Editing: Fumi Hida
Music: Minako Seki

Line producer: Aki Takahashi
Production desk: Yuki Fukumoto
Setting production: Ichiko Arai
3D producer: yoko* rises
3D director :Kenichi Higaki
Production: HAOLINERS Emon

■The cast
Inland water silver (Riku Sui Gin): Jun Fukuyama
riku* (Riku Ray): Yuka Saito

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[The staff]
Original / scenario constitution / script / director: sumomogo*
Hyper Afro creator (the Japanese edition supervision): Watanabe Shinnichi
Script: sumomogo*, Watanabe Shinnichi
Manager character design / total drawing: LAN
Color scheme: LAN
Art setting: LAN
Direction: LAN
Drawing director: o*hoko
Shooting: Emon
Editing: Fumi Hida
Sound production: STYLE CUBE
Producer: rikuhoshihodo
Production desk: *ko
Production progress: Yasushi
Production: STUDIO.LAN!
Production cooperation: Spring
Production: Emon

[the cast]
Old bird: Kenjiro Tsuda
Yamada: Minoru Aoyama
Alien: Takeshi Maeda
min: Tsukino moa
Prince: Tomokazu Sugita

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